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Brad's TechTips - Exchange Server & Outlook

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Exchange Server 2003: Move the Exchange Server Databases to a New Location
On the disk or partition to which you want to move your databases (we'll assume the d-drive), create a folder, such as d:\Exchange Databases.
In Exchange System Manager, open the properties of the Mailbox Store and select the Database tab.
Browse to the location of the new directory for both Exchange Database and Exchange Streaming Database. (You do not need to select any files; only the directory location.)
Do not click Apply or OK until you have browsed to the location of each of the above items. Once you have selected the new location for each item, then click Apply or OK. (Be aware that the databases will dismount during this process, so Outlook users will lose their connection until this is completed.)
Repeat the above procedure for the Public Folder store if desired. (You don't need to recreate the directories from the first step.)