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Brad's TechTips - Small Business Server (SBS)

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SBS Remote Web Workplace - Non-Administrators Experience Long Wait Time After Initial Logon Screen
If non-administrators experience long load times after the initial logon to RWW (in particular, the screen may hang at "Loading..."), then it's possible that you have a non-responsive or offline Terminal Server in application mode somewhere on your network, and the RWW application is trying to locate it.
Common causes of this include:
  • The Terminal Server no longer exists but traces of it still remain in Active Directory.
  • The Terminal Server is powered off.
You can work around this by modifying a Registry key on the SBS:

The AppTS key probably has a value of 1. If so, then set it to 0 and logon to RWW again using a non-administrative account. Problem resolved?

Credit: Special thanks to Susan Bradley (SBS MVP) for pointing me toward the TechNet blog posting for the root cause of the problem.