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Brad's TechTips - Windows

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Windows Active Directory: Change the Default OU for New Users or Computers
Run the following command(s) in a command prompt on the Active Directory server to change the default Organizational Unit (OU):
For Computers:
     redircmp ou=ComputersOU,dc=mydomain,dc=com
For Users:
     redirusr ou=UsersOU,dc=mydomain,dc=com

Make certain to replace the italicized code with values appropriate to your Active Directory.  For example, in a SBS 2003 environment, you might use:
   redircmp ou=SBSComputers,ou=Computers,ou=MyBusiness,dc=AcmeWidgets,dc=local
If any of the OUs contain spaces in the name, then use quotations around the entire distinguished name (DN), as follows:

   redircmp "ou=Admin Computers,dc=AcmeWidgets,dc=local"
Note: These commands will only function if the OUs actually exist and if the domain
is at least at the Windows Server 2003 functional level.


This code was obtained from an Ask The Experts posting by Jan De Clercq in Windows ITPro Magazine, InstantDocID 101228.