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Brad's TechTips - Windows

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Windows: Determine the MAC Address of a Remote Computer or Device
Often times we need to find a machine's MAC address so that we can setup DHCP reservations, such as when installing a new server.
A> You can use a two-step technique:
     1. PING the machine's IP address or NetBIOS name and get a reply.
     2. Run the ARP -a command against the IP address to get the MAC.
     <wait for reply, and then...>
     arp -a
     responds with:
    Interface: --- 0x10003
   Internet Address   Physical Address    Type       00-11-85-d4-2a-6d   dynamic

B> You can use the GETMAC command instead
     GETMAC /s <IPAddress> /v
     Example: getmac /s /v will respond with:
      Connection Name  Network Adapter  Physical Address     Transport Name
     ===============  ===============  ===================  =================
     Server Local Ar HP NC7761 Gigab   00-11-85-D4-2A-6D    \Device\Tcpip_{...)}