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Disaster Planning & Recovery

Disaster Planning and Recovery ServicesHard disks fail, servers crash and users will delete needed data. These are the facts of any computer network. At Fieldbrook, we deploy solutions to minimize the probability of these occurrences, but no one can ever guarantee with 100% certainty that they still will not happen.

Solutions to protect against disasters can be as simple as nightly, tape backups; or they can be more complex and involve offsite servers that contain a copy of all your key data.

Similarly, disaster planning might mean having a second Internet connection in case the primary one fails, or it may mean having redundant disks inside servers so that no single disk failure will bring down the server.

While many IT organizations will help you with your disaster recovery procedures, Fieldbrook believes that it is just as important to first have policies, procedures and systems in place to help avoid the disasters or reduce the damage that they might cause.

When planning for disaster and recovery, the key questions to ask are:
  Item How much downtime can my business afford?
  Item How much am I willing to spend to prevent the downtime?

Let Fieldbrook work with you to provide the solutions that will keep your business up and running while keeping the answers to those questions in mind at all times.

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