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Offsite Hosting

Offsite Hosting Services
Whether you want to provide redundancy for a single server or need to have guaranteed uptime, security and bandwidth, then data center hosting should be considered as an option for your network infrastructure.

Data centers provide advanced security, power management and monitoring for your servers. They are frequently served by multiple ISPs and maintain in-house electrical generators and high-end backup power supplies designed to keep your servers running in the event of failure or disaster.

Data centers can help to maximize the return on investment of your hardware and service offerings. The shift from a deployment of in-house servers to data center-hosted servers can frequently be done with minimal disruption and/or downtime.

Fieldbrook Solutions has years of experience deploying data center solutions. Its founder and president, Brad Dinerman, was previously the manager of MIS for USDataCenters in Marlborough, MA, which has since grown to be part of the much larger One Communications network.

Fieldbrook has established relationships with data centers in the metropolitan Boston region to help you setup the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your organization.

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