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Security Management

How secure is your network? Security breaches can threaten not only your infrastructure and data integrity,
but also your standing in the business community and your organization's very survival.

Security in layers - Fieldbrook has years of experience wrapping the various layers of organizations'
technologies in security blankets, and always implements solutions that are the most technically appropriate without disrupting your network or user productivity.   This includes configuring your systems to meet the rigorous standards of PCI compliance in the event that you need to accept credit card data online.

Massachusetts Data Protection Law (MGL 201 CMR 17.00)
Some have nicknamed this “the encryption law” because one aspect of the law involves the encryption of data that includes personal, identifying information. Yet, encryption is only a small part of the law. In fact, one of the more challenging components for organizations to prepare will be the Written Information Security Policy (WISP), a document that each company MUST draft and maintain, and that will describe the organization’s security processes and procedures in detail.
Fieldbrook Solutions offers a  complete solution for your organization to meet the tough standards of the state's law on the protection of personal information.  We specialize in the write-up of the WISP, the deployment of disk and email encryption solutions, and the adjustment of your infrastructure, policies and processes to be in full compliance.
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We will also assess and help to protect your network against various threats, including:

  • Malware, which includes viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious Web-based content


  • Spam, which is not only a nuisance but an actual threat due to the malicious payloads that messages may contain


  • Unauthorized access, whether from the Internet (hackers or former employees) or internally (current employees)


  • Inappropriate and offensive content from Web sites


  • Unpatched servers, workstations or appliances, which may open a back door to your network


  • Password policies, to further protect the data and its usage on your network


  • Acceptable-use policies, to provide accountability for the actions of employees or other users on your network


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Security Management

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