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Maintenance and Support

You probably bring your car to the shop for maintenance every 5,000 miles.
If you don't, your engine will give you problems and it might not start when you need it most.
Computers and other network devices are no different than your car.
They all require careful attention in order to run their best.
This includes routine updates and patches to help maximize productivity, performance and security.
Fieldbrook Solutions offers maintenance and support plans to keep your systems up to date. These include:

  • "IT As Needed" Plan: We all know that computers and related infrastructure components don't want to wait for service visits to start misbehaving, and that users periodically encounter issues which require a quick resolution. Fieldbrook Solutions can address these through its "IT As Needed" plan.  You call us when you need us.


  • Managed Service Plan: This plan is tailored for those businesses that have an even mix of users-to-computers and who want a fixed budget for IT expenses. We provide support for your entire network infrastructure, including servers, workstations, printers, firewalls and routers, storage devices and more. We will also address any issues that your end-users may have and work with them to make sure that they remain productive.

Fieldbrook has years of experience customizing the type of maintenance that is most appropriate to your particular organization, and doesn't just churn out the same technique for all clients. In addition, we have customized our solutions to automate much of the maintenance, minimizing both the time that is required for these tasks and the disruption to end-users.
We provide full support for all Microsoft and Apple operating systems, and also work with partners to provide seamless support for other systems when needed. We similarly support the most common productivity and line-of-business applications and network devices. Click here to view a partial list of items that we support.
Contact us to find out about our solutions and service offerings:

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Maintenance and Support

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